New Police Officers Continue Breaking Patrol Cars

The public organization “Voice of Freedom” has been interested in the performance of new police officers in Kiev. The interest was triggered by numerous mass media publications, which provide astonishing facts about the cars that have been broken by the new police representatives. Thus, it is reported that 24 patrol cars have been crashed during 2 months of their work. Moreover, 16 traffic accidents were caused by the guilt of the policemen, while 8 accidents were caused by the guilt of other drivers. Maybe, it is better to provide the policemen with bicycles in this case?

The starting point of our investigation was the inquiry we have directed to the Deputy Minister of home Affairs of Ukraine, E.Zguladze. In this inquiry we asked to specify the number of cars, which have been broken in accidents since June 1 till September 15. Currently, we are waiting for the response. Meanwhile, we don’t waste time and try to find out the details of the accidents from the police officers we meet in the streets. We managed to find out that the policemen drive modern Toyota Prius automobiles, which are semi-electric cars not meant for the everyday duties performed by the new police. This may be the main cause of the accidents that keep taking place on the roads of the capital of Ukraine nowadays, because the police should not be allowed to drive such cars.

Having conducted our private investigation, we can now conclude that changing the Road Patrol Service only does not make any sense. Instead, it is required to make changes in the obsolete government machine, which is not easy to do right from the start. What we would also like to know is the amount of fuel and lubrication materials provided by the government to service new patrol cars. Can these numbers be compared with those observed last year, when the old State Automobile Inspectorate was still in power? Apart from that, we are interested in the fact of the penalties imposed on the policemen whose guilt in the traffic accidents has been proven. Where are they now? And what about those drivers, who have got into accidents because of the guilt of new police officers? Have their financial and material losses been compensated by the government or have the money been computed of the salaries of the guilty policemen? These are just a few questions that have no answers until nowadays.

What we have found out is that not all the policemen are capable of holding this responsible position. Now, we don’t have any other choice but to wait for the events that will happen next. 

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