The Road Outrage of the State Automobile Inspectorate Keeps Going On

We have impatiently waited for the new road patrol service on June 1, 2015. That is why the activists of the public organization “Voice of Freedom” decided to stir abroad to see the promised changes with their own eyes. Now, you can read about those things they managed to observe.

Our country still witnesses the centuries-old tradition: those people, who serve the community, avail the non-official privilege to get the financial benefit out of their job positions. It is definitely not that easy to deracinate this “custom”. The new police have not appeared on the roads, but the old traffic wardens keep taking bribes, spoiling the moods of drivers and fraying the nerves. Nothing has changed. We have observed the following situation: the car of the State Automobile Inspectorate stands right on the sidewalk, not far from the corner. This is the most “profitable” place, because the car is hidden behind the billboard and does not have the beacon lights on. Moreover, the traffic wardens have home video cameras in their hands to fix the so-called “violations”. As a result, they have stopped every third driver, extorting money for the violations. The drivers, meanwhile, did not even suspect that they have been played.

Our indignation was unlimited! The vice-president of our public organization, J.Laliani, tried to convince the traffic wardens that they violated the driving regulations themselves, because, according to them, the car should stand in front of the traffic light, but not behind it. This is required to let the drivers see the car. Whom do you serve – the people or the chief executives? Why do you hide? Why do you provoke the violations instead of preventing them? These are only a few questions that don’t have answers by this time.

After 40 minutes of the conversation between our vice-president and the traffic wardens, they finally adopted the decision to remove the car from the sidewalk and place it just as required to make everyone see it. But for how long?

Having studied all the changes that will take place since July 4, we are ready to share our thoughts with you now:

  • 1.The driver is always mistaken. It turns out that in court you will have to present the proofs of your innocence. The police officer will not even bother to prove that you have violated the driving regulations. So, this means that we have to arm ourselves with dashboard cameras!
  • 2.Your violations will be registered by the video camera, just as before. The driver will be able to watch those “happiness letters” (as these recordings have been called by the people) at the special website in the Internet and pay the fine during the 30-day period (if they manage to prove their innocence, of course).
  • 3.If you have committed the administrative violation, you may be arrested for 24 hours instead of 3 hours, as it was before.
  • 4.Among the positive innovations, we should mention that the drivers will not be fined right at the spot. The police officers will not take your driver’s license as well. Instead, the points will be deducted from your annual score. All in all, you will have 150 points during a year.

Whether these changes are positive or not, we will see in the nearest future. Meanwhile, we will try to keep you informed.


а какой смысл стоять ГАИ так, чтобы их видели? чтобы можно было НЕ нарушать в том месте где они стоят? смысл того, что сотрудников тяжело разглядеть направлен на внезапность, чтобы пресечь правонарушение, а так получается что ГАИ вообще не нужны раз все ездят как хотят и только 10 см по правилам, там где стоит машина ГАИ

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