Decent Wages for New Police Officers

The government of Ukraine promised to pay new Ukrainian police officers from 8 to 10 thousand hryvnas per month. However, it has recently turned out that these salaries are not currently paid. Hoping to clear out the situation, the activists of the public organization “Voice of Freedom” managed to talk to several policemen. Listed below are a few facts they found out.

The policemen told that the average salary of a patrolman constitutes 3-4 thousand hryvnas, which means that the state is not able to pay decent wages to diligent policemen, who put their lives on the line almost every day and responsibly perform their duties. Still, even if the government finds funds to pay the salaries they promised, these sums will leave much to be desired. This is because the profession of a policeman is associated with regular stress as well as the increased health and life risk. So, it is quite understandable that the reform of the Ukrainian police will hardly give the expected results. The drivers, in their turn, should not be surprised if they are stopped by the officers with “hungry” eyes waiting for the next bribe. Correspondingly, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country will remain one of the most corrupt establishments in Ukraine.

Have a look at some of the examples of average salaries of the policemen in different countries of the world:

Germany - €2600;

the USA - $ 4000;

the United Kingdom - £2540;

France - €2400;

Georgia - $700;

Ukraine - $130.

Just have a look at these sums, which speak for themselves. These wages also reveal the real attitude of the governments of these countries to their citizens. Apart from the decent wages mentioned above, officers of the law enforcement agencies enjoy lots of privileges in these countries. They feel safe and protected and they also know that the governments of their countries will take care of their families in the event of their death.

We don’t have any another choice but to believe that our government will be able to find funds to pay decent wages not only to the policemen, but also to the doctors, nurses, teachers and nursery teachers. To do that, the government should be able to find the way to make the industrial magnates, who have converted the soviet property and the national assets of the country, work for the benefit of their Motherland.  

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