The Same Gang Robs Ukraine for Years

On August 24, 2016, Ukraine turns 25 years since the moment the country has gained the long-awaited independence. Let us try to analyze the current situation in the state and the results we observe after 25 years of independence.

The living standards have dropped to the catastrophic level.

The wages of the Ukrainians are the lowest in Europe. To be precise, they can be compared to those the population of the African continent has.

We hold the leading positions in the world as to the teenage alcoholism, the amount of nuclear waste per one person, the AIDS level etc.

We did not manage to build our own economy and continue using the remains of the Soviet times.

Both close and distant neighbors continue tearing Ukraine to shreds.

Here raises the question: why do we need such a state? Anyway, the government of the country does not even try to solve the problems of the population. Instead, they do everything possible to make profit using the hardships the people face every day. No wonder, the state officials live happily and freely in Ukraine. The same gang has been robbing and ruining the country for 24 years and they have really succeeded in this, having ruined it completely. There was some hope during the Euro Maidan and afterwards – the hope for the triumph of Justice and Truth. Sadly, the Ukrainian government just talks a lot, but does nothing.

Listed below are the results of our personal investigation, which represent the facts of the unbelievable lawlessness.

Currently, over 300 hectares of land are sold on the Tukhanov Island – the place, where the Kiev residents and the guests of the capital Ukraine have got used to rest. The land is sold to the representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for $30000 per one are. Each “representative” is eager to buy not less than 10 ares. This is just inadmissible! The Kiev residents will soon have to forget about the beaches of this unique nature reserve.

The state officials rob the Ukrainian health resorts, feeling no shy or remorse for their actions. Everything they need is the land, but not the buildings and unique equipment they just destroy. Some health resorts become private, which means that they are available to rich people only.

Village dwellers are left without land as well, just because some officials back up their decision to get the land by the President’s law, which states that each participant of the antiterrorist operation has the right to avail a plot of land. However, the government hesitates to give these plots of land to real ATO soldiers… As a result, the land is given to the local magnates, while the participants of the military actions in the eastern part of Ukraine are given plots of land that are simply unsuitable for use.

The unlimited experiments in the sphere of education have resulted in the fact that ordinary teachers have stopped understanding the role they play in the life of the society. Our state authorities have completely forgotten that the basis of the nation’s upbringing and education is in the communication, but not the endless reforms and computerization.

It turns out that our government does not have any important or crucial ideals and objectives. They do everything they want on their deputy’s seats and they don’t feel ashamed of their actions. They have already robbed one of the most prosperous republics. What is the way out then?

We believe that we have to rely on sober minded people, who are still left both in the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. We just have to support them and not to let the existing gang destroy them. We won’t be afraid and we won’t keep silence anymore! 

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