Who Are Judges?

A few days ago, after three months of drudgery, passed all the law enforcement agencies (prosecutors, police, the Security Service of Ukraine), finally hearing of the Commercial Court of Shevchenko district, Kyiv, Judge Palamar, where the fate of "Global Vision" was decided, was held.

You might ask why the Commercial Court? Because the manegment of the newspaper Of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "Voice of Ukraine" has decided to apply exactly to this instance after the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine considered the claim of "GLOBAL VISION." Want to believe that the law enforcement agencies checked all the facts and asked the necessary questions the chief editor of Gorlov and his deputy Demskiy: extorting money by Demskiy and seizuring of property of "GLOBAL VISION" is their fault. The incident is treated under Article 191, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: "Misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation."

In the court, Demskiy justified racketeering with the official statement: he didn`t need money, it was the need of the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine". The judge Palamar, not to offend the gentlemen Gorlov and Demskiy, living off the people, decided to let it all hang out and bring to knees a little honest company "GLOBAL VISION", which had to pay about 30 thousand hryvnias to the newspaper of Verkhovna Rada "Voice of Ukraine". Find more information you can here.

The question is, for what? The company "GLOBAL VISION" qualitatively and conscientiously fulfilled all the tasks assigned to it and received honestly earned money that was deliberately delayed to pay.

And one more trick of newspaper management: to reduce the cost of services, the office inside the building of "Voice of Ukraine" was offered to the company.

But one day employees of "Global Vision" were not allowed to get into the office and forbid them to take their personals of the company, arguing: "nothing comes without cost". The company was looking for justice, and received…you see what.

All this would be funny if it were not so sad.

Mr. Palamar! Where is your impartial justice? On what is based your decision? You protected and justified the thieves who appropriated, using official position, the property of a private company. Moreover, you made "Global Vision" a guilty one and laid under high contribution?!

Truly, all in the name of people, all for the welfare of people! Weightily. Roughly. Visibly. We will not give up! Themis will be on the truth side.

Let me remind you! We signed the "The Ukraine – European Union Association", in which is written about hard fight with officials who use their positions for personal benefits.

Do you hear, gentlemen?

Nobody will give you money! Because of you, we, Ukrainians, will not become the members of the European Union.

Шинами ...

Взять этот суд в осаду, обложить шинами и...


Какой неприятный человек на фото .... ФУ....

Все 100 %

Абсолютно все судьи без исключения берут взятки, все 100 %. Вопрос только в том, кто занесет сколько. Любого судью Украины есть за что сажать.

судьи у нас кто???

Если это правда, тогда судьи у нас кто на самом деле? А мы еще ищем правду в этих судах.

А судьи, кто?

Сволочь, мерзавец и говнюк .... Вот кто судья


Увольнять любого чиновника простым сбором подписей - только так судьи-прокуроры начнут оглядываться на народ.


все судьи должны быть выборными и желательно на короткий срок ..года на 2 не больше, тогда такой беспредел не будет!


Нада принимать закон, отменяющий вставание перед судом.Это же издевательство вставать перед преступниками в мантиях.




Коммунизм возвращается, придется переходить к самоуправству.

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