Chainsaw STHIL

As usual, the public organization "Goloos Liberty" made a very pleasant trip to Denyschivsky Orphanage. It is interesting to see how the kids grow up, many of them have already found their new families.

At this time, after the traditional concert, it was made a nice little joint event. There were taken photos taken by photographer last year and formed with the children several collages. What the children were joyful and happy when you are there yourself or your friends (many of which have already taken to the family!).

As usual, it was brought sweets. What else do children need to be happy ... Also, crayons, toys, a few clothes, gum-Clip for girls, clay, juice.

The needs and the needs of the orphanage is very diverse. This year, the priority was the chainsaw. Due to the rise in price of gas, there is a need to prepare the tree as an alternative for heating .Zakuplennoe tree lay under the eaves and it was necessary to cut and form warehouses. Through good and indifferent people, as well as activists of "Voice of Freedom" chainsaw German company STHIL was given to an orphanage.

As a thank you, the first cut made by chainsaw, the children draw a picture and gave the activists.

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