Dinosaur In Power – Shokin Viktor Nikolajevich

In this article we will talk about the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Shokin Viktor Nikolajevitch, who is now 62 years old. The President of Ukraine, P.A.Poroshenko appointed Shokin the Prosecutor General on February 10, 2015. This is where the following question arises: why wasn’t the prosecutor general chosen on a competitive basis? Anyway, this position is just as important as the head of the anti-corruption committee!

Another thing that wonders the people of Ukraine is that in 2003 Shokin retired because of the health problems. Does his appointment in 2015 mean that he has become younger, healthier and more professional?

Having read the biography of Viktor Shokin and looked at his photos, the public organization “Voice of Freedom” managed to make everything clear. These facts were enough to set the record straight! This is what we managed to find out. Shokin was noticed in the corruption schemes long before his appointment to the position of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Thus, in 2005, he was discredited in the eyes of the community because of the truthful suspicions of the connections in the criminal world. Falsification of cases, assisting criminals… These are only a few charges brought against this person. How could Shokin be appointed to such a responsible and high position with such a rap sheet? Why hasn’t the Verkhovna Rada conducted their investigation before approving Shokin’s candidacy? They could at least make him prove his innocence and noninvolvement into criminal actions. These are the issues many people are still interested in. It turns out, the answer to these questions is very simple – Shokin is the President’s protégé! This explains everything.

As we can now see, the performance of Viktor Nikolajevitch does not meet the “revolutionary requirements of the current time”. What we see instead is that he is the “man of the system”, who is not able to make any notable changes in the situation we observe nowadays. Regrettably, appointing people with criminal backgrounds to the responsible positions in the government has become trendy in our country.

Shokin promised a lot, but did nothing. Where are the results of the investigation of the Euromaidan participants? Are the deputies who voted for the “dictatorial laws” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on January 16, punished? And where are the results of the investigation of the assassination case of the mayor of Kharkov Gennadij Kerness? These and other questions do not have answers as well … 


Лица только меняются, ребята. система остается. да, вопросы острые задаются, но ответов по сути - ну чуть больше чем ноль.

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