"Freedom Voice" filed complaint to Ekaterina Zguladze!

Today, on April 6, 2015, activists of the public organization "Freedom Voice" filed complaint to the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs E. Zguladze – Glucksmann with demand to investigate the inactivity of law-enforcement agencies.

We have repeatedly reported that executives and investigators of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, draw out to great length the case of "Global Vision". It’s obvious that they don’t want to punish all the executives of the Parliamentary newspaper "Voice of Ukraine": the chief editor A.Gorlov and his deputy S.Demski.

Public organization "Freedom Voice" suspects that investigators are under pressure. Also we do not exclude the possibility that there may be other hidden motives for suspension of investigation. Five months have passed, and the police continues to protect officials-thieves and is firmly on their side.

Therefore, the public organization "Freedom Voice" has decided to send the complaint directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with a request to supervise and monitor the investigation. At the moment, the appeal to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ekaterina Zguladze is explained by the fact that this person is the least corrupted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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