The Bloody Events of August 31, 2015: Who Will Bear Responsibility?

The bloody events of August 31, 2015 became the real shock for the community. On that day, the activists of the public organization “Voice of Freedom” were near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to support the draft bill of the President of the country about the introduction of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of the power decentralization.

The Parliament passed the bill in the first reading. By that time, hundreds of people came to the Verkhovna Rada. However, not all of them had similar intentions. The orderliness and moderation were aggressively and severely breached by the members of the All-Ukraine union “Svoboda” headed by Oleg Tjagnibok. The “patriots” expressed their discontent by the shouts, smoke pellets, firecrackers and ball grenades. They attacked the Nat Guard soldiers, who kept ward near the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. In the result of these actions, 3 soldiers were killed and over 130 security officials have got wounds of varying severity. But not only the militants were wounded – civilians and the mass media representatives including two our activists got traumas as well.

The major militiaman, Arsen Avakov, did not fail to state that the responsibility for the incident should be born by the “Svoboda” party and its leader, Oleg Tjagnibok. Tjagnibok, in his turn responded that the fact that the head of the police has “identified” the guilty so fast, signifies that the provocative act was planned and executed by Avakov himself.

The President of Ukraine promised to take control over the investigation of the incident and called it the real “act of terror”. He promised to punish the guilty, irrespective of their posts and regalia. As a result, the public prosecution office rendered suspect to 18 participants of the incident and promised to conduct the criminal investigation for the group violation of public order, mass disorders and infringement on life of the law enforcement officers.

We really wish to believe that the criminals will be severely punished, but we also realize that the actual responsibility should be born by the high and mighties – the politicians…

Palm-pressers! The public organization “Voice of Freedom” appeals to you – those, who initiated the massacre near the Verkhovna Rada! If you studied history at school, you would not, probably, made such terrible mistakes! Now, please, try to analyze the liberation way from the totalitarian soviet regime, which has already been passed by our neighbors – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. We hope, you will understand that the “dismantling” of the severe centralized control system we have inherited from the communists opens new possibilities for Ukraine. There is nothing bad about the fact that the prevailing part of responsibilities and duties will be performed by the local communities. There is also nothing bad about the fact that people on the ground will not be afraid to express their opinions, instill order and administer their funds. Don’t be short-sighted, because this is the right way for our country!

To sum it up, we, the public organization “Voice of Freedom” believe that it is the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, who should bear responsibility for the tragedy that happened near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. His criminal negligence is simply inadmissible and revolting! That is why Mr.Avakov should immediately resign!

We bewail the deaths of the innocent people and pray for the salvation of our Motherland!  

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