Kiev Is My Land

The public organization “Voice of Freedom” investigated the crime committed by the Housing and Community amenities of the Shevchenkovskij region in Kiev. Having been cutting the trees in the Nesterov Street on May 17, 2015, the workers of the Housing and Community amenities damaged over 100 meters of nice and quality fencing.

We have filed the application to the administration of the Shevchenkovskij region and the Mayor’s office, in which we have described the essence of the problem and our attitude towards the flagrant mismanagement of the workers of the utilities industry. We have not got the answer by this time, although a month has already passed. The fencing is still broken, while the branches and the logs are not taken away. This means that nobody was punished for the actions committed.

The mayor of our town, Vitalyj Klitchko, told that his major task was to make Kiev a real European town, which will become a real example for other cities both in Ukraine and abroad. Moreover, one of the key points of his program are the “maintenance and augmentation of the cultural identity of the city and the assurance of the public control”. Whereisthepromisedcontrol?

The facts, meanwhile, are obvious. What we observe today are the examples of ownerlessness, bungling and carnivorism.

Now, we apply to the authorities we have chosen. Please, don’t make the Kiev residents suffer! We really believe that you will pay attention to our problems and understand them. Kiev has always been and remains one of the most beautiful cities on the Earth. We will be able to stand up for it!

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