Mister Twister – Chief Minister, Avakov Arsen Borisovitch

We are ready to continue the series of investigations that concern the senior government officials. In this article we will talk about the new Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Avakov Arsen Borisovitch, who was appointed to the position on February 27, 2014.

The first nice thing that attracts the attention is that the new Minister is literate. People also call him the “Facebook minister”, because he publishes most of his decrees in social networks. Moreover, Arsen Borisovitch is the honored accountant of Ukraine and the author of 12 scientific publications. At first sight, it seems that people like Avakov should have the calling to build new and perspective Ukraine.

The activists of the public organization “Voice of Freedom” decided to find out the details of his brilliant political career. This is what we are ready to inform you about.

Mr.Avakov made his profit by means of purchasing vouchers from the people during the soviet times and making deals associated with enterprise bills. In other words, he acquired the former state property for the “bribes”. This has become his launching pad into serious political opportunities and money.

This is what Avakov told, being the governor of Kharkov: “I became the politician to realize my life ideals and fulfill all the promises I have given to people.” Well, this sounds nice, so we have tried to find out what ideals and promises exactly the new Minister had.

Bullet-proof vests and helmets promised to the National Guard of Ukraine, humanitarian aid to the residents of Slovjansk, minesweeping in the Slovjansk- Artjomovsk area, initiation of criminal investigations against the policemen who took bribes… These are only a few promises included into the list. And all of these promises have been left unredeemed. On the other hand, we were impressed by the business frauds and the scale of power abuse Avakov was related to in 2005-2010, at the time, when he was the governor of Kharkov and the master of the whole region.

  • -The Kharkov Underground Deal

A.B.Avakov managed to conduct the attention-grabbing advertising campaign and even initiated the special lottery called “Let’s Build the Underground Together”. The swindle of people was very effective and, what really matters, that swindle was voluntary. Avakov and his team gathered over 10 million hryvnas, but no new underground lines and no new metro stations were built in Kharkov.

  • -The Joint-Stock Company “Investr” – the Favorite Commercial Offspring of Arsen Avakov

This joint-stock company controls 40 other enterprises in different spheres of industry. At the same time, it does not bring any financial investments into the country’s economy. “Investr” holds the leading position in the internal gas recovery. Although, the market exists for years, it has not been properly estimated by this time. Instead, it is extremely corrupt and criminalized. Gas schemes of the commercial structures belonging to A.B.Avakov have been suspected in the tax dodge for several times, but the police did not manage to completely investigate the case.

- Avakov’s Newspaper “The Point”

All the officials and members of the Kharkov administration were forced to subscribe to the newspaper.

  • -Avakov – the Corruptionist

Arsen Avakov accepted bribes for appointing the managers to the leading positions in different state enterprises. As far as Avakov took bribes from several candidates at a time, this soon resulted in the quick change of the managers of those enterprises and personnel scandals.

As a result, in 2009, the Kharkov region occupied the 24th out of 27 places in the rating of the Ukrainian regions with regard to all important parameters.

Well, we don’t wish to rake over the dust and ashes of the past… We won’t talk about the apartments, automobiles, cottage houses, plots of land and other property the new Minister has “earned fairly”. The only thing that should be underlined is that millions of hryvnas allocated for the national economy of the Kharkov region, have went west.

Arsen Avakov is the main suspect in a number of criminal cases that are associated with the theft of extremely large amounts of money, appropriation of profits etc. He is also a figure in a case concerning the contract murder of his business-partner Alexandr Konovalov. However, Avakov never lost common sense and always managed to be off the hook. Arsen Borisovitch, we are interested to find out what exactly you meant when you told about your ideals and life philosophy.

We suppose that all the calamities and misery you, Mr.Avakov, bring to other people, will, sooner or later, affect you as well. It’s not a big leap of imagination to dismiss “Berkut”, plan the murder of the “unsuitable“ for you fighter of the “Pravyj Sector” A.Muzytchko, fire the traffic police of Kiev and close the Department for Organized Crime Control. But we really expect a lot from the new police. That remains to be seen. The paradox is that, having earned your money in a dishonest way, without shunning any means, you still intend to teach the new police to be honest and decent.

We have already written a lot that only people with clean hands and clear conscience have the right to rebuild our country. No, we don’t make a call for the new revolution. Revolution means devastation of property and the commotion of the nation, so this is not what people need nowadays. We make a call for the productive, resolute and effective changes in the most important spheres of our life.  



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