Racket-2014 or How Famous Officials Steel The Business

The plot of the story reminds us freewheeling 1990s: racket, extortion, bureaucratic outrage, threats, "Maski Show" and the seizure of the office... The only difference is that it happens today, exactly when Ukraine actively changes, following European values, and fights with corruption. But someone is struggling and someone, using the mess in the country, concerns cynical self outrage.

On October 31, 2014, armed men burst into the office of the well-known Ukrainian IT company and asked all employees to leave the room, leaving everything on the desktops, including personals. Occupiers were the representatives of the building security, where the office was. They explained they their authority had ordered them to do it…

Let`s take stock of defendants in the case. On the one hand, a company "Global Vision" and its director, Joseph Laliani, on other hand - the newspaper of Verkhovna Rada "Voice of Ukraine" and the deputy chief editor Demckiy. The partnership between them (companies and top managers) started before the conflict and was peaceful. The newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" has ordered the company of Mr. Laliani to develop the website. In the future – "Global Vision" would have to promote this site and provide technical support. So it was until that time when financial troubles began in the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" in spring 2014. To reduce the amount of debt, the leaders of the newspaper proposed "Global Vision" to occupy one of the buildings belonging to the newspaper, in partial repayment of debts.

On April 28, 2014, an agreement was made, and the company "Global Vision" has moved to one of the premises of the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine". The neighborhood was not the best one, but livable-with, with the exception of occasional misunderstandings between Laliani and Demskiy caused by personal dislike of Demskiy to the Director of "Global Vision". The reason for this hostility was whether the fact of a success of young businessman, or his nationality (minor unpleasant incidents proved it). Dissatisfaction of the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" contributed the necessity to pay bills on the background of a deteriorating financial situation. But it did not stop them to continue using the services of "Global Vision" and make new expensive orders for modernization of the website.

Thus, the debt were increasing, the receipt of funds against their redemption were irregular and scanty, and then the Newspaper stopped cold to pay. The situation has come to a deadlock. The last 4 months "Global Vision" was not received payments from the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine", absolutely nothing, but the technical support of website of the newspaper continued to be provided and website was promoted. At first the leaders of the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" (the newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada!) explained the unwillingness to pay – they had financial troubles. But then they tried to assume work, accomplished by IT-company, they told that the specialists of "Global Vision" had not done anything. They had done everything themselves. Then the newspaper`s leaders attempted to dispute the fact that the services were ordered, and the work was approved. But it was difficult to prove it, because the evidence of the partnership of the IT-company and a newspaper were documents about executed work, the evidence of coordination of work at different stages. And then the conflict reached a new footing! Threats, the promise of the future problems would appear, if the company didn`t not keep silence. Is not it cynical? Media, promotes bright ideas of social equality, the rule of law state, is controlled by people who can afford dishonesty. People who are not afraid to resort chauvinistic statements, threats, actions, contravene the norms of human morality and the Civil Code of Ukraine. Let me remind you, we are talking about the newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada, - the newspaper, representing the interests of the state and is the guarantor of its legality.

Let`s return to our story. After the seizure of the office of "Global Vision", the company addressed to Demskiy for clarification. All received was the ultimatum: "either you returne us all money that we have paid for your work, or whatever everything in your office becomes the property of the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine". "All" is expensive computers and office equipment, documentations of many years, which have commercial value, and, as we remember, personals of employees! There is one variant how to call it – the robbery! The result of this meeting was the appeal of Mr. Laliani to law enforcement authorities with a request to open a criminal case against "Voice of Ukraine". Meanwhile, the office continues to be under the control of the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine". That means that there is a probability, it will not dispute nothing tomorrow! After all, the people who encroached the property of company "Global Vision", are responsible for it safeness.

It would seem, well, what is so unusual in this story? No big deal, two companies didn`t share something and quarrel about something. However, it is not all that simple. This story is additional proof that nothing actually change in our country: Maidan, lustration law, anti-corruption committees will not stop people like Demskiy. It will not prevent them to feel permissiveness and impunity. This is a story about the fact that a private business, formed only on the enthusiasm, achieved success on its own – in fact, today it is defenseless as it always has been. Sove is still here, it is not only in the minds of ordinary people, it is in the minds of people, working under the protection of the state, people who feel hate to the young generation, ethnic minorities, attempts to do something honest and real. And they do not just live, but feel good!


Я в редкацие пороботала 4 года, условия работы в редакции, это мелочь по сравнению с мошенничеством с тиражами. Реальный тираж газеты "Голос Укрианы" в 5-6 раз меньше заявленного.


На освещение деятельности Верховной Рады на ТВ, радио, в газете «Голос Украины» и журнале «Вече» предлагается выделить почти 26 млн грн из бюджета 2105 г. Если кто-то видел вживую журнал «Вече» — дайте почитать. Хотя бы посмотреть, как оно выглядит.....)))

Тот самый!

Знакомая тема ))) Я когда-то работал на них, они мня взяли на должность контент-менеджера - должен был наполнять их сайт golosukraine.com, это типа они решили создать еще один сайт и бабло заработать на рекламе… Работал больше двух месяцев - не оформляли, обещали пока деньги будут платить так, но через 2 месяца работы я прихожу в очередной раз на работу и меня не пускают … Охрана объявила, что главному редактору Горлову что-то не понравилось в моей работе и он дал указание больше не пускать …. Точно так же, тогда, никто не вышел и деньги тоже не заплатили …


Полное вранье!!! А сама фирма мошенники на рынке ИТ услуг. Обманывают заказчиков.



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