Vandalism and State

On May 17, 2015, activists of the public organization “Freedom Voice” witnessed a wild, barbaric attitude of the state towards the cultural values of Kiev. This incident happened on Nesterov Street, three, where it was decided to cut the centenary poplars, likely to protect allergy sufferers from fluff. Good intentions of lumbermen turned into a disaster for the surrounding area. Shorn tree branches were falling down on beautiful fences. Before our eyes, about 100 meters of fence turned into a scrap pile. We couldn’t even understand what the workers did. At the same time they were doing their job, they were destroying the beautiful fence. Who will be held responsible for this senseless, brutal destruction of property? We decided to send a request to the city administration, as well as to the Shevchenko district administration, with a request to look into the situation carefully and to give the answer. Who is responsible for the vandalism, and how will the organizers of this demolition be punished?

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