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On April 20, 2015, representatives of Freedom Voice participated in the hearing of the Kiev Commercial Appeal court (Case №910 / 26143/14). Global Vision and Freedom Voice demand to terminate the illegal and totally corrupted decision of the Commercial court of Ukraine that obliged Global Vision to return to Parliament-owned newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" all the money for works that were already done and accepted plus penalties. LLC "Global Vision" was representsd by the lawyer Vladimir Eremenko, the President of the "Freedom Voice" Vladimir Gusev, and vice-president of the " Freedom Voice " Joseph Laliani - CEO of "Global Vision". On Parliamentary newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" was represented by the head of the legal department Bogdan Lavrenyuk.

The court listened to both sides impartially. Fair questions were put. Judge was interested, why the work was accepted without comments and the act of acceptance was signed, and after 3 months the newspapers administration began to demand the money back. Bogdan Lavrenyuk could not answer these questions, but defended the rights of thieves-officials brazenly and aggressively. He did not realize that fact that he, young and unpromising lawyer was simply set up by his bosses.

As a result, the court hearing was postponed to May 14, 2015. Let's hope for justice, intelligence and honor of judges of the Kyiv Court of appeal.

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