Our history

Public organization "Freedom Voice" started it's activities in 2012. Despite the fact that our organization is legally still quite young, we, its founders, are dealing in human rights for several years already.

"Freedom Voice" is an alliance of concerned people. Each of us faced injustice and violation of our rights by public authorities.

Being lawyers and human rights activists, each of us in the course our his professional activity each of us helped different people who got into difficult situations in life. Our main priority is the comprehensive protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Current situation in the country forced us to take an active social position and to combine our efforts. It urged us to establish public organization "Freedom Voice". Today we declare openly and boldly that any person in Ukraine, who faced impairment of his rights, discrimination based either on skin color, sex, age or social status, violence and injustice, can rely on human rights protection support of our organization.

Today the "Freedom Voice" – this is the voice that is heard!