Our Mission

Public organization "Freedom Voice" is the community of like-minded people - lawyers, human rights activists and public figures. The main goal of our organization is to protect human rights and freedoms in modern Ukraine. We fight for the advent of the honest and uncompromising Law in our country, under which all of the citizens are equal.

To achieve these goals, our organization is takes the following steps:

- We carry out activities to protect the rights and freedoms of the people at the local and national level.

- We publish and distribute the human rights information,

- We facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and information between the state and local authorities in Kiev, Kiev region and Ukraine, public organizations and the society.

- We participate in the formation of public opinion, promoting the ideas of freedom, equality. We also promote programs for the protection of historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine and act to raise the cultural and educational level of citizens, the development of sport, physical education and health of the nation.

- We struggle with discrimination and violence against the personality, protect the rights of children, women, sexual and ethnic minorities.

- We conduct anti-corruption activities, identify and publish corruption schemes.