We have the right to live without bribes

Bribe is money or thing given to the official as a gift, as payment of criminal actions, which is punished by the law. In many countries of the world the transfer of money or things to official is punishable severely by law. There are two articles in the Criminal code of Ukraine (№368 and № 369) punish those, who give, and those, who take bribes. But why these articles work don’t work, why do things remain constant? People, who were standing on the “Maidan” in Kiev in 2014, made a solemn vow – never to take or to give bribes. A year has passed, but nothing has changed.

Probably, it is very difficult to change the human mind, when more than one decade in our long-suffering Ukrainian land, every «problem» – beginning with the first steps of the child in the kindergarten, school, university, receiving of official document, which you need, when you start to work or you want to visit another country... What more can I say, every step of person associated with government agencies, must be paid, unless, of course, if you want your issue will be resolved. Why country’s top leadership said «A» does not say firmly «B»? Where are the political will and actions, patience and ability to get the job done? To contend with this evil, NGO «Voice of Freedom» has started a project: «Have the right to live without bribes.» Now, as a part of the project, the action was carried out: «Do not give bribes!» and “Do not take bribes!". "Voice of Freedom" wrote an official letter to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zghuladze asking to allow the activists of «Voices of Freedom» to glue on the windshield of cars of State Automobile Inspection the warning sign: «I don’t take bribes!»

We think that Mrs. E. Zghuladze will meet us halfway, taken into account that fact that she is in charge of the reorganization of the country's road patrol service. Drivers, who wish to take part in this action, glue on the rear window of his car the warning sign «I don’t give bribes!» We are confident that this action will influence greatly this case and do stuff of the control of this «disease» – corrupt practice.