Rehabilitation of the "Kids of war"

Public organization "Freedom Voice" has expanded its territorial borders.

We started a program where Ukrainian children affected by the war is, will be able to recover and to combine this with studies in schools, living in American families. 

As part of its August 9, 2015 in the city of Lengsington County, Kentucky, US activists organization "Freedom Voice", Vladimir Gusev and Joseph Laliani addressed the Ukrainian community.

Ukrainian diaspora following the events in Ukraine and empathizes. Parishioners have promised to do everything possible so that this program was implemented.

Public organization "Freedom Voice" refers to other organizations, sponsors, committed to participate in this program, or to assist in the rehabilitation and education of children in the families of the United States.

As is known, Ukraine is going through difficult times in its history. This can not but affect the psyche of children, who are constantly in a situation of expected threat and danger. The purpose of our program is to bring small groups of children (up to 20 people) in the US and place them in the American families who have expressed a desire to take these children. It is planned to study in a local school with the children of the host family. Thus, while in a safe and friendly atmosphere, will psychologically unload, learn English, broaden their horizons, see new standards of living, which in the future will be able to enter in their own country.

The best time for such programs 3 months during the school year. In each case, it is agreed with the host country.

The most suitable are groups of children between the ages of 12 to 15 years. In the future expansion of the age group in consultation with the host country, based on the experience of being the first group.