The deportation from Russian Crimea

It was on April 30, 2014. The one the founders of the social movement "Freedom Voice" Joseph Laliani was not allowed to arrive in the Russian Crimea.

"Freedom Voice" was interested in numerous publications of the Russian media about imminent in the Crimea celebrations of May Day and Victory Day, because they will be the part of universal triumph of Crimea annexation to Russia. The activists of the public movement "Freedom Voice" Gusev V.E. and Laliani Y.E. decided to see, hear and fix attention on anti-Ukrainian actions of the new government of Crimea. We decided that it is faster and safer to get to The Crimean Peninsula by train than by car, because road checkpoints, after the establishment of the Russian border between the Crimea and Ukraine on April 25, 2014, were poorly organized: cars could be stay in n traffic jams during a long period of time. We successfully passed Ukrainian border control, but when we got to Russian border, it was unexpected surprise for us. Checking the passport of Joseph Laliani, border guards noticed open visa in USA and Schengen countries. After discussion, they decided to verify the identity of Joseph Laliani. To do this, they asked Ukrainian citizen, Joseph Laliani to leave the train and walk with them for further investigation, as they didn`t want to delay the train. Further action took place in the station building. In special room reserved for the inspection of personal belongings, documents, phone, camera and other things were taken for additional verification. Hour passed, two, three – it was evening. Finally, border guards called Joseph Laliani in for questioning and tried to find out the purpose of the visit of the Crimea. Several times Laliani had to repeat the same thing that the purpose of the trip was tourism, but the answer did not satisfy the Russian border guards. In addition, Russian law enforcement was very interested in why and for what citizen of Ukraine so often flied to European countries and in the United States. After 13 hours of torture investigator of the security service of the Russian Federation, Yurii Valerievych, pronounced sentence – deportation from the Russian territory. On the question, what was the matter and on what basis was detained and why he was not allowed to get to Crimea, the answer was irrefragable – "we do not know, we were ordered – we execute." That's all! Laliani was taken to the police car to the border of Ukraine. The passport was returned, but such personal items such as phone, video camera were not, without any explanation.

Joseph Laliani filed 2 requests to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and to the immigration service of the Russian Federation. We hope to receive truthful answer.

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