How Do Ukrainians Live Today?

Ukraine is going through tough times nowadays. Rightless venality, lack of job positions, increase of the cost of food products – this is not the complete list of problems Ukrainians face these days. Military actions in the Eastern part of Ukraine became the final and the most powerful push to the economic, political and social instability in the country. The events that currently take place in the Donbas region have affected each resident of Ukraine and caused mass indignation of the international community.

During the last two years, significant changes have been noted in all spheres of life in Ukraine. Repressions that are observed on the territory of the country, have triggered serious changes in the political and economic situation. The instability that was the result of numerous conflicts with the army level commands of the so-called DNR and LNR, led to the default of the Ukrainian economy. This inevitably affected the prevailing part of the Ukrainian residents, who have to pay more not only for food products, but for the housing and communal services as well. The salaries, however, remained on the previous level, thus causing serious financial problems in many Ukrainian families.

Most citizens of Ukraine are dissatisfied with the increased prices for the basic social product, namely the bread. The head of the Agrarian Fund of Ukraine, V.J. Dran, told that the theft of the Fund’s money that happened in 2009 became the main reason of the rising costs for this food product nowadays. Apart from that, notable stagger of the meal costs have also affected the final bread prices.

It should be noted, however, that most people who live in Ukraine are dissatisfied with the prices for housing and communal services that keep increasing nowadays. Although, the government of the country underlines that they have made everything possible to relieve the Ukrainians from the necessity to pay for these services full-scale, not all families are still capable of repaying such tremendous sums. Unfortunately, it turns out that many Ukrainian families have to survive for a song these days, which is just inadmissible. As a result, many people do not see any other way out but to go abroad hoping to earn money there. Looking for all the possible jobs, they go to the USA, Poland, Italy, Denmark and other countries.

Recent changes in the political situation have resulted in the fact that people do not trust the President and the government of the country anymore. This may be explained by the absence of the entire legislative system in the country, which leads to the ongoing increase of the venality rate.

Many Ukrainian journalists try to reveal all the illegal actions of the government. By doing that, however, they put their health and even life at risk. Let’s recollect the story of the well-known Ukrainian journalist, Georgij Gongadze, who disappeared 15 years ago. Although the criminal investigation of this case is not over yet, it is clear that the contractors and the criminals will hardly be found and punished.

All in all, the statistics of the deaths of journalists that were caused by their employment activity, is very sad. According to the information provided by the Mass Media Institute, 65 journalists died during the years of Ukraine’s independence.

The life in other countries differs a lot from that in Ukraine. Let’s have a closer look at the situation in the USA, for example. Unlike Ukraine, this country has a well-developed economic sector, which is manifested in the quality and level of life of the US residents. Apart from that, the United States of America occupies the leading position in the implementation of social programs aimed at the improvement of the lives of people who live in the country. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the government of the country helps poor people and takes active part in the fight against unemployment, race discrimination, criminal situation and other problems observed in the US nowadays. It should be also underlined that, unlike Ukraine, the USA has reached a notable progress in the development of the country’s budget. At present, economic stability of many countries of the world depends upon the national currency of the US.

The rapid economic development of the USA was the result of changes that have been observed in the country for a comparatively short time interval. Moreover, the US witnesses the significant technological advancement, which cannot even be compared to that in Ukraine. For instance, those smartphones that are considered luxurious in Ukraine are no longer popular in the US.

To sum it up, it should be mentioned that the life in Ukraine leaves much to be desired nowadays. The government of the country should undertake active measures to improve the situation in all the spheres. First and foremost, it is required to decrease the venality rate, reduce the level of stress in the society and stabilize the economic situation in Ukraine. These are the first steps that will help the country come out from recession. 

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