People are freezing to death

In Ukraine during December because 133 were frozen to death. This is real disaster! This is genocide against people, when government creates such living conditions, intended to full or partial destruction of the have-nots and lack-alls. (Unfortunately, there is sufficient amount of such kind of people in our country).

Vice-Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul said that special warming centres were opened in every city of Ukraine...

The activists of the social movement "Freedom Voice" tried to find out via phone, where such kind of warming centres are situated. Our attempt failed – centres worked only on paper. Nobody even could give us the telephone number of hot line or the addresses of warming centres, which people need. Even after we had filed official request, we did not get the real address.

In our opinion, the situation can be changed. It’s just nessesary to organize special patrol service, which will operate in every city district and will direct all those, who need it, in the warming centres, where they will not only warm up, but also will receive first aid and will eat.

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