Don`t Be Silent!

On January 26, 2015, a roundtable discussion between representatives of the Ukrainian public organization "Freedom Voice" and local and international non-governmental organizations, dealing with human rights protection held in Georgia.

The Ukrainian side came to Georgia with a desire to talk about events in our country.

President of the NGO "Freedom Voice", Vladimir Gusev, and Vice President Joseph Laliani made presentations, told about the plans of the organization in the near future. "Ukraine is in difficult times, – announced Vladimir Gusev, – we fight for that tomorrow in our country the rights of ordinary citizens do not be infringed, that all people, regardless of social status, age, sex, are equal before the law and lived in within the legal boundaries.

It is no secret that today in Ukraine violation citizens occurs everywhere – in any field. Our organization, whose members are lawyers, community leaders, politicians, investigates such cases. We provide legal assistance to people who have no one else to ask for help. Low-enforcment agencies refused to help them. Even Media prefers to be silent..."

The war, in which Ukraine was involved, the loss of the Crimea, the economic and political crisis, the growing discontent of the people... Today, our country is at difficult historical crossroads, and on what road she chooses, the future of the whole country and all of us depend.

In turn, the Georgian colleagues told us about what important role plays governmental organizations in these crucial moments for the state, and shared their experience in this field.

"We are monitoring what is happening in Ukraine, - said representatives of the Georgian side – and promise to help as much as we can. We are ready to deal with each case of violation of human rights in Ukraine, and to share it with the world community. Do not be silent and we will not be silent, too. "

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