We are knocking, explaining, looking for the truth...

The lawyers of the NGO "Freedom Voice" and the administration of "Global Vision" prepared an appeal against the judge's unlawful decision of Palamar in the matter of case №910 2643/14 from February 26, 2015. To get more information about the decision, read here.

This cynical decision insulted, humiliated "Global Vision", but did not force to knees. Unfortunately, the judicial system in our country is in no hurry to rebuild and work honestly. As before, who pays the highest price, that one calls the shots. Nowadays it is real necessity to renew our country, sterilize it, after the previous government.

It's notorious that the Commercial Court of Kiev is the nest of corruption. Why did judges avoid lustration? It means that it is vitally important and necessary to someone!? Corrupt officials, when will you stop? For centuries, vicious circle everrepeated: no matter how much money a person have, he will think, it is not enough.

Can you, corrupts, take your wealth into the grave? You are freak of nature.

We want to believe in a fair and principled decision of the Appeal Court. We hope that the real culprits will get what they deserve.

Let's together honestly do business.


Щоб взяточники взяточників ...? Та НІКОЛИ


Ворон ворону глаз не выклюет!

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