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Police Screens Faults of The Robbers And Thieves From The "Voice of Ukraine"

On October 31, 2014, approximately at 5 p.m. to time in Kiev, was seized almost all property of "Global Vision": computer equipment and household appliances, furniture, documentation.

The organizer was he deputy chief editor of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "Voice of Ukraine", Demskiy. After some time Demskiy explained the management of company "Global Vision", he executed the order of the chief editor of the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" - Gorlov Anatoly. Two hours before the robbery, Gorlov Anatoly wrote a holiday application and got away. To get more information about the incident, read here.

After the incident, happened on November 4, 2014, the management of "Global Vision" asked for help and sent an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. A copy of this application was sent to the General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev and the General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Shevchenko district, Kiev.

On December 2nd, 2014, (in a month) applications reached Department for Economic and Corruption-Related Crimes of General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Shevchenko district, Kiev, Ukraine, the police major Gulevich.

Upon the initiative of Gulevich, on December 4, 2014, met the chief of "Global Vision" Joseph Laliani and a police major Vladislav Gulevich. Also the President of the NGO "Freedom Voice" Vladimir Gusev attended this meeting, which currently protects the interests of the management of company "Global Vision".

It is necessary to accentuate the fact that the Police Major Gulevich behaved adequately at the meeting, he asked pertinent questions and was trying to understand the essence of the matter. He mentioned that he saw the reason to initiate an investigation under Article 191, Part 2, of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: "Misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation" and, accordingly, registered the case in Register of prejudicial inquiry. But when the management of company "Global Vision" asked him to arrange and record all, according Procedural Criminal Code of Ukraine, but he refused to do it inexplicably. The chief of "Global Vision" and representatives of the organization "Freedom Voice" understood that police Major could not afford to start a criminal case against "officials" without the consent of management. Quite expectedly that officials had another opinion and a criminal offense in lawlessness of official was not noticed.

On December 27, 2014, (in 53 calendar days) "Global Vision" received a letter from the Head of General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Shevchenko district, in Kiev, Osipenko: on the basis of the received materials they have no reason to inspect and register case in the Register of prejudicial inquiry. But in fact, they checked nothing, it was not made any request for additional information, despite the fact that the management of company "Global Vision" proposed to give all photos and videos – the proofs of unlawful actions of officials. There was no witness. Employees of the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" were not invited. To make a decision, it was enough that fact that thieves and criminals are Gorlov and Demskiy.

Despite the fact that there is lustration law in our country, and despite the fact that Gorlov, Demskiy, Gordienko, Osipenko were holding the positions, when Yanukovych, Ryback and Zakharchenko were into power. The situation doesn’t change. Gorlov, Demskiy, Gordienko, Osipenko are still into power and stands for each other. One more proof that to initiate an investigation or start the case – it is something unreal.

Last time Osipenko drew attention on February 22, 2014. He was stabbed in the thigh, when he participated in the negotiations with the activists of the right sector. Then he actually "fought" on the side of the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and who is now wanted – Zakharchenko. Click here for more information.

It is still not clear who is guilty and who hides the offender, who does someone else's order or request – who is whose "puppet." One fact remains – the police are not able to follow the law and to protect the basic human rights in modern Ukraine.


Мусор - есть мусор!


Руслана Осипенко сам преступник!


Как в этой стране можно себя защитить?




Ничего не поменялось после революции. Просто все чиновники осознали свою полную безнаказанность и занялись откровенным беспределом!

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