Ignoring and Threatening

Public organization "Freedom Voice" continues to watch the investigation of the case of the newspaper of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "Voice of Ukraine" and the company "Global Vision", when the chief editor Gorlov and his deputy Demskiy cheated and robbed the honest company "Global Vision".

The next instance, "Global Vision", represented by its Director General Joseph Laliani, addressed, was the Security Service of Ukraine. There was no response on the statement of Joseph Laliani. But, on February 3, 2015, Laliani received a sms message from the number: +38 (097) 444-44-54: "why do not you pick up the phone? The State Security Service of Ukraine disturbs you! "

Hope lingered on... The telephone rang in a few minutes. SSU officer, Denis, offered to meet and talk next day on February 4 at the address: Polkovnik Shutov Street.

The NGO "Freedom Voice" Gusev and Director General "Global Vision" of the one part and SSU officers, Denis and Alexander, who even didn`t mention their names, ranks and positions, of the other part were the participants of the meeting.

After listening to our cry for help, without going into details, they gave us "good advice", "stop looking for truth and it will be better to forget everything." When SSU officers saw that we were not agreeable to do it, they started using threats: "We can do everything! You - nothing! If you do not calm down, at first we will shut your mouth and then close your company down." We had a good grip of situation...

The last thing SSU officers promised to do was to have eyes on us. Were we frightened? NO, we didn`t! But we were very glad to get away.

We would like to ask you, dear representatives of law enforcement authorities, on which principles you are based?

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