Thoughts about our life.

“We all suffer on Earth and seek freedom,

But few there are who know the meaning of freedom and where it is to be found. "

Silvanus the Athonite

Our life has not been conquered by us, it was presented to us. Let us remember this.

Revolution (a horrible word) turned, developed, destroyed, and gradually became the armed conflict in the East. It was the most horrible thing you can even see; how the Slavic people fought and were killed. It was senseless. We, Ukrainians, are in the same positions: we progress in some way, but in another we do not…time is moving on. Half a year has already passed…And over two thousands of our “boys” are dead or dying. Our gene pool is our greatest treasure. Others wish to eradicate us, and our nation. The population of Ukraine is between life and death, and only the strongest will survive. There is a rampant unemployment, unrest, and price inflation. What can we say about pensioners – it is hard to observe it. After all, the main feature of well-organized society is an elder class that does not excite pity. The inescapable point is that our society suffers from an incurable malady: The fall of its morality. Can this disease be treated? It is certainly possible. Do we know how? That topic must be deferred to another, more serious conversation.

All people wish for a good life and happiness, but everyone has his or her own understanding of what “happiness” mean. Good does not invariably conquer evil, and evil exists, not only in the System, but also in the representatives of authority. The same portion of evilness is inside those, who fight for happiness. It is horrifying to live among people who are both intelligent and evil; they can steal, offend, disgrace, and lie away reputation. To do it, they have head-piece, energy, imagination, and importantly – the desire to put into effect terrible things. The time is come to ask ourselves whether it is possible for happiness in a world where people behave like animals. There is an apparent response to this.

We have been living in the “animal capitalism” epoch for 24 years. How people survive as they are relentlessly assailed and exhausted by this?

It is necessary to understand that:

Nobody will solve anything for you;

Nobody belongs to anybody;

You must give more than you take;

You must share with neighbor and think about people other than yourself;

You must find your way.

The faster we understand this, the faster we will feel happier and more optimistic about our lives! This is a recipe for happiness.

It comes from a genuine desire to live among smart, strong individuals, who do not deceive, inveigle, or obfuscate to achieve their goals!

If only is not too late.

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