The Jobster Sample: The Self-Indulged Communist I.G.Kaletnik

The year 2013 comes to its end. The public organization “Voice of Freedom” draws the conclusions concerning the life in our Ukraine. We are going to visit the neighboring country – Poland - on Christmas. Having been crossing the country, we have unwillingly pondered about the work of our customs service and its former head, who has now become the member of Ukraine’s Parliament. We are talking about the first deputy of the Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, I.G.Kaletnik.

Having turned 27 years old, Kaletnik graduated from the extra-mural department of the Agricultural Institute located in Vinnitsa and became the General. Some time later, in 2001, he has got the lawyer diploma of the Kiev National University. How is that possible? How exactly does he receive honorary degrees, awards and has access to the highest secrets of the state? How did he manage to become a multimillionaire? For what merits to the Motherland?

Having read the newspapers and magazines, we start realizing that Kaletnik has improved and modernized the customs service of Ukraine, having introduced new methods of calculation of the customs cost of products. WhatexactlydidKaletnikIgorGrigorjevichinvent? He was involved into the reinstation of the jobsters who have been accused of bribery. And he did that for the financial reward, of course. These people, correspondingly, put themselves into debt of Kaletnik, which was beneficial for him. The number of these people increased with the lapse of time, thus increasing Kaletnik’s chances to “deal” with people he needed. At the same time, he did not overlook the chances to shift responsibility to his “owers” in case of necessity. Kaletnik’s gang knew what they were fighting for and continued developing profitable schemes that brought them millions of dollars, which passed by the State Treasury each year. This is how the notorious modernization looked like!

Mister Kaletnik! Can you explain how exactly you, the state official, managed to earn money to buy “AudiA8”, «Daimler-Chrysler», «Lexus» and all those apartments, houses and plots of land you own? Why are the depressed Butcha residents forced to get round the 14 hectares of forest you have made your property by surrounding it with a high fence? On what grounds have you sold the corporate apartment located in the center of Kiev? By the way, based on our data, you have presented that apartment located in the Vladimirskaja Street to your relatives thrice just to make it belong to your “family”. Well, it now really belongs to your “family”. You have officially declared 70 million hryvnas you have received as presents… These are only a few facts that just don’t make any sense. When we tried to find out the details, we have learnt that you have received the “presents” from your father – Grigorij Kaletnik. Well, we don’t have anything to say here – you are lucky to have such a father…

Being a communist, you have to realize the essence of such words as wisdom, honesty, honor, conscience. But…you have easily sold them for the luxurious apartment. We have to finish the article, but not because we lack information. We finish the article, because the facts mentioned here are really mawky, nasty and odious. We clearly see the unlawful wealth accumulation and malfeasance. How much criminal investigations should be held here? It turns out that an avid smuggler is the government employee. We believe that such people as you, I.G.Kaletnik, should be noosed just because there are no other effective treatment methods for communists-wreckers. Anyway, the crime will out.

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